There’s always something new to learn – and new ways to learn it

By Ernie Wood   |   May 29, 2018

School’s in at DeLaune & Associates. Every few days, we’re called on to learn something new. Blockchain? Check. Robotic process automation? For sure. How about the banking, insurance, food and automotive industries? Or the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation? Of course.

We read up on the topic and interview experts in the field. Then we write and design marketing collateral. It feels a lot like writing term papers in college—especially the part about footnoting white papers.

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State-wide Advertising Campaign Reaches Out to New Audience

TV spot for Texas Affordable Bachlor's Degree
By Sara Rider   |   October 15, 2014

It takes a combination of media to reach busy, working adults.  And if you’re trying to encourage them to reach a goal many of them have given up on, you need to find a way to talk to your audience so that you motivate them and give them hope.

At DeLaune and Associates, we’ve just finished a new state-wide campaign to encourage adults to go back and complete their college degrees. 

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Customer Service Trumps Clever and Cute

The customer's perception is your reality
By Sara Rider   |   August 5, 2014

This is hard for someone in advertising to say:  it doesn’t matter how great the ad is or how thoroughly researched the media buy if the customer’s experience with the company is really bad.  But in our internet/social media driven world, businesses who do remember the importance of customer service sometimes forget that customer service in today’s marketplace is delivered through a variety of channels.

A recent column by Micah Solomon on Forbes online served as a good reminder of how excellence is in the details—and how those details extend beyond the physical place where you do business.

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Keeping up with the World Wide Web

Reading news on tablets and cell phones
By Renee DeLaune   |   July 18, 2014

Building a separate mobile version of a website for the world wide web is becoming a thing of the past. Now, a single website designed with responsive technology is your best bet. It allows your website to scale appropriately between desktop and mobile browsers. It’s like an all-in-one tool. I’m sure we’ve all tried to view websites from our mobile phones that just don’t work as well as if you were viewing them from a desktop.

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Super Bowl Ads — Hit or Miss?

By Allison Mabry   |   February 3, 2014

While most people were cheering on their favorite team in Sunday’s Super Bowl, many of us at DeLaune and Associates were paying close attention to the ads. But, since we work at an advertising agency, that makes sense. Check out some of our staff picks:

This cute Doritos Dog/Lasso commercial kept the product front and center throughout the ad, which was more than we could say for many of this year’s Super Bowl Ads.

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