Order up! Picking the medium that's right for your message

Dagwood sandwich
By Ernie Wood   |   April 29, 2014

I’ve been reading One Summer: America 1927, the new book by Bill Bryson with a wonderful message. A lot of big things happened that year, from Charles Lindbergh’s trans-Atlantic flight to Babe Ruth’s 60 home runs to the first dynamite blasts carving Mount Rushmore. People went crazy for these feats. Lindbergh could barely go out in public for the adoring crowds.

Then, as now, media was also one of the big things.

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The brilliance of a simple idea

Wind blowing subway ad
By Sara Rider   |   April 17, 2014

by Sara Rider

Sometimes in the world of marketing, we search long and hard for a promotional idea that we think will be truly remarkable for our clients.  This can lead to lengthy brainstorming sessions—and sometimes frayed tempers (remember:  there is no bad idea in a brainstorming session!)  But great ideas are out there—you just have to find them.

In many of our client promotions, we’ve found that a strong visual can be the key to an outstanding promotional idea. 

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Is Social Media More than Cute Cats and Dogs?

The selfie that broke the internet
By Amy Valentine   |   April 11, 2014

Having a preteen in the house means I’m bombarded by the after effects of various companies’ social media marketing – especially if it involves cute animals. For example, a video posted by buzzfeed and making the rounds of the older elementary and middle school set is a TidyCats Lightweight Kitty Litter social media play. The cat narrates a helpful video on “how to take care of your human”, since we humans are “sadly hairless” and “cats must curl up on our faces at night or humans will freeze to death”.

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SXSW 2014 – It's not over yet.

Austin, Texas skyline and river
By Renee DeLaune   |   April 1, 2014

by Regina Kubelka

In March, tens of thousands descended upon Austin, Texas for the SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive Festival. Just when you thought the fun was over until next year, we are pleasantly reminded that SXSW Eco will be here this October 6 through 8!

Are we lucky, or what?

SXSW Eco attracts a global community to explore, engage and co-create solutions for a sustainable world.

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