Get Ready for Homemade Vanilla: Blue Bell Returns

By Sara Rider   |   August 31, 2015

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have been missing their Blue Bell, the announcement that limited distribution begins on Monday, August 31st in selected markets was welcome news.  (Sorry, Ben & Jerry’s, but it’s just not the same.)  But while people are scooping a bowl of their favorite vanilla, lots of questions remain about how the company will survive the repercussions of the listeria outbreak.  That makes it a good time to think about your own company’s commitment to your products and services—and how you would bounce back from a major crisis.

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Crisis Communications: No substitute for preparation

crisis communications
By Sara Rider   |   March 4, 2015

Bad things happen to good people.  Bad things also happen to good companies, to well-run companies, and to companies that are less than efficient.  To be ready for the bad things, your company must have a strong crisis communications policy.

Without a good crisis communications policy, you and your company can face disastrous fallout when things go wrong: problems with daily operations, investor relations, customer loyalty, and profitability.  So if your company or organization doesn’t have a crisis communications policy,

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