Writing while writing: It’s finding time that’s the challenge

Ernie Wood One Red Thread
By Ernie Wood   |   February 9, 2015

Years ago, when I started in this writing game, I heard a story I couldn’t believe. It seems there was a newspaper copy editor who kept two typewriters (years ago, remember?). One, he used for his newspaper work. The other, he placed on the floor by his desk. And when breaks came between editions, he’d push his work to one side, pick his typewriter up from the floor, and pound away at his novel. And it worked!

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Technology and toys, two of the places creativity comes from

Elvis on an etch a sketch
By Ernie Wood   |   July 8, 2014

You’ll sometimes hear a poorly functioning tablet computer criticized as nothing more than a “glorified Etch A Sketch.” But that does a disservice to the classic toy. With more than 100 million of the silver-screen drawing devices sold since its introduction in 1960, it must be doing something right. I owned an Etch A Sketch as a child, and if I were to pick one up right now, I’d happily resume exactly where I left off— with a lot of hilarious squiggles and an occasional shape that sort of looks like something.

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Guarding against mobile malware

Cell phone
By Ernie Wood   |   March 17, 2014

by Ernie Wood

One of the tricks of the trade here at DeLaune and Associates is knowing how to convey a message to an audience that is not us. In our technical marketing for IBM, for example, are we writing for the chief security officer of a Fortune 500 corporation? Yes, that’s often the target. Are we writing for ourselves at home trying to keep viruses and malware off our laptops? Not so much.

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