Where is that collateral taking your customers? And your company?

By Ernie Wood   |   September 29, 2015

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the “buyer’s journey.” But in B2B marketing, the journey is not entirely about buyers. It’s also about the company reaching them. And about the communications vehicles for the trip.

The concept of buyer’s journey describes the path from awareness of a need, to consideration of options, to the decision to make a purchase. Some companies add steps specific to their industry, but awareness, consideration and decision are the basic three.

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Getting the final word: When punctuation turns emotional

By Sara Richardson   |   September 23, 2015


We all like to poke fun at those little lapses of punctuation that float around the Internet, and when better than National Punctuation Day on September 24th to bring these gems up? You know the ones: “Egg’s 5¢,” “Caution: ‘Wet’ floor,” “Smile your on camera,” “Please ‘do not’ disturb.” Everyone likes to cringe and point, but it takes a punctuation nut to get truly emotional about it—the grammarians, the English professors, all those writers,

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In the fight against malware, the more publicity and attention the better

By Ernie Wood   |   September 1, 2015

In our work for IBM Security, it’s not unusual to draw attention to data breaches that have been in the news. So it’s especially gratifying when the other side of the story—data protection—makes news.

Whether DeLaune and Associates is writing a white paper or solution brief from scratch, updating an existing document, or editing text written by the security experts at IBM, stories of data breaches are common. Target. Sony. Anthem. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

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