Abbreviations, acronyms, and alphabet soup

Alphabet soup
By Sara Richardson   |   February 28, 2014

by Sara Richardson

It’s fairly common to shorten names. We watch “TV” these days, rather than “television.” We call our Williams “Bill” and our Katherines “Kat.” We can dial up AAA for roadside assistance, withdraw funds from an ATM, stop by an HEB on our way home, and cook our dinner with PAM. If something amuses us, perhaps we LOL or even LMAO. We might tell our BFFs we’ll see them L8R or sign off with TTYL.

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Are companies going for the gold with Olympics advertising?

Olympic Rings
By Amy Valentine   |   February 21, 2014

by Amy Valentine

The contrast between the two main sporting events of winter 2014, the Superbowl and the Winter Olympics, provides a great opportunity to compare the ads companies choose to run. Businesses know that they have a great chance to reach a huge target audience with both events. While the Superbowl is a one-time event, the Olympics are spread out over two weeks.

During the Superbowl, crowds of people at parties pay particular attention to the ads,

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Make your plans for SXSW 2014!

By Renee DeLaune   |   February 17, 2014

Preparations for SXSW 2014 are well underway and it’s time to make your plans! What movie will you catch? What band will you go see? What interactive speaker sessions will you attend? It all happens next month. The festival starts March 7th with both Interactive and Film events. Next, get ready to rock during the Music Festival beginning March 11th and playing strong until March 16th. Here are some links to get you started:

See the entire SXSW schedule here.

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Today, writing about technology is no longer elementary

Benedict Cumberbatch
By Ernie Wood   |   February 5, 2014

A recent online article noting that the BBC television show Sherlock, now airing on PBS, “is not a detective show, but rather a show about a detective” reminded me of the writing we do here at DeLaune and Associates. Because in our work for technology companies, we’re not producing technical writing, but rather writing about technology.

Now, Sherlock Holmes certainly does his detecting and we’ve certainly done technical writing.

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Super Bowl Ads — Hit or Miss?

By Allison Mabry   |   February 3, 2014

While most people were cheering on their favorite team in Sunday’s Super Bowl, many of us at DeLaune and Associates were paying close attention to the ads. But, since we work at an advertising agency, that makes sense. Check out some of our staff picks:

This cute Doritos Dog/Lasso commercial kept the product front and center throughout the ad, which was more than we could say for many of this year’s Super Bowl Ads.

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