Coloring Books for Adults

By Amy Valentine   |   March 30, 2015

A surprising best seller in the publishing world has been the recent wave of coloring books aimed at adults. The creative process of choosing and filling in colors of intricate patterned pages is calming to both artistic and non-artistic adults. Read this fascinating article from the New York Times and let us know what you think of this trend.



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DeLaune designs and delivers IBM X-Force Newsletter

By Amy Valentine   |   March 27, 2015

Since early last year, DeLaune and Associates has worked with the IBM X-Force team to design and deliver its quarterly threat intelligence reports. The latest report includes articles about 2014 security incidents, the Citadel malware, and mobile application vulnerabilities. Learn more here.

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Email signoffs: do they really matter?

By Allison Mabry   |   March 23, 2015

In this age of texting, mobile IMs and social media chats, email can seem like a thing of the past. But in the business world, the total number of emails being exchanged daily is higher than ever. In fact, 116.2 billion emails are expected to be exchanged worldwide in 2015—and the growth rate shows no signs of slowing down.

So, in a world of rampant email use, does it really matter how you “sign” those business emails?

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Is Vince Vaughn in Your Marketing Collateral?

Marketing materials and advertising campaigns
Marketing materials and advertising campaigns
By Jeff Rose   |   March 6, 2015
An excerpt

Crisis Communications: No substitute for preparation

crisis communications
By Sara Rider   |   March 4, 2015

Bad things happen to good people.  Bad things also happen to good companies, to well-run companies, and to companies that are less than efficient.  To be ready for the bad things, your company must have a strong crisis communications policy.

Without a good crisis communications policy, you and your company can face disastrous fallout when things go wrong: problems with daily operations, investor relations, customer loyalty, and profitability.  So if your company or organization doesn’t have a crisis communications policy,

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