This is your brain on spellcheck. Embarrassing typos in the age of autocorrect.

Pokemon pikachu
By Sara Richardson   |   May 22, 2014

We’ve all seen them. And despite our best intentions, we’ve all made them. Like it or not, typos are a fact of written communication. They sneak into our writing while we’re not looking—or while we’re looking too hard—and scatter random double words, transposed letters, missing punctuation and a host of other embarrassing mistakes in their wake. None of us is immune: students submitting coursework, editors for major newspapers, directors of public relations, we all fall prey to typos.

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Abbreviations, acronyms, and alphabet soup

Alphabet soup
By Sara Richardson   |   February 28, 2014

by Sara Richardson

It’s fairly common to shorten names. We watch “TV” these days, rather than “television.” We call our Williams “Bill” and our Katherines “Kat.” We can dial up AAA for roadside assistance, withdraw funds from an ATM, stop by an HEB on our way home, and cook our dinner with PAM. If something amuses us, perhaps we LOL or even LMAO. We might tell our BFFs we’ll see them L8R or sign off with TTYL.

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