Super Bowl Ads — Hit or Miss?

By Allison Mabry   |   February 3, 2014

While most people were cheering on their favorite team in Sunday’s Super Bowl, many of us at DeLaune and Associates were paying close attention to the ads. But, since we work at an advertising agency, that makes sense. Check out some of our staff picks:

This cute Doritos Dog/Lasso commercial kept the product front and center throughout the ad, which was more than we could say for many of this year’s Super Bowl Ads. Did you find this ad funny or annoying?

This beautiful tribute to America’s melting pot probably caused quite a few misty eyes at Super Bowl parties across the nation. Was it controversial or touching?

This romantic spot blurred the lines a bit between the hunky cowboy driving the truck and his virile stud bull making the ending reveal of the bull meeting a pasture full of lovely cows all the more funny. Plus, Austin’s 360 bridge has a prominent spot in the ad.

Bud has continued the tradition of pairing its ubiquitous Clydesdale horses with cute dogs. And who doesn’t love puppies?

I’m sure you had your own favorite Super Bowl ads this year. Do you notice that you have a favorite category or advertiser? Do you prefer drama or comedy in your advertising? Post a comment and let us know which ones kept your attention.

Allison Mabry

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Allison oversees the development of design projects from concept to completion. From web design to print ads, Allison's 15 years of experience and keen eye help convey each client's message with clarity and creativity. Allison was designated an Associate of DeLaune and Associates in 2008.

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