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By Renee DeLaune   |   October 7, 2020


In these times, how do you present your company’s offerings to your clients and potential clients? Whether or not you have products that can help solve challenges in today’s COVID environment, virtually any company can still find opportunities.

Take a close look at your product line

First, it begins by positioning your company’s offerings.  Take a close look at your product line—and how you are marketing it. You may discover that you have offerings that can be more valuable today than they were before. You may wind up with a middle-of-the-line performer that is suddenly a star. 

For example, we have a client with a line of hardware security products.  One of their products is a touchless security solution for building entry. Instead of this being one in a line of products, the touchless security solution could become a star in their current go-to-market strategy. 

Will everyone want their touchless entry system?  No. Will buyers want to take another look at a company that markets it prominently?  Yes, because marketing is about creating relationships. Businesses will want to do business with companies who are aware of and sensitive to world conditions and therefore sensitive to their needs.   

Paying Attention Can Pay Off

As you re-examine your offerings, you’ll probably need to align your marketing materials with your customers’ changing needs. You’ll want to emphasize new ways you can support their business and their employees. If you don’t align with your customers’ situation, your message will fall on deaf ears.

The good news is that in many cases re-aligning your messages can be easy to do. Making your marketing materials more relevant often takes only minor tweaking.

If you do it right, your customers will notice even a small text change that pivots a message in their direction. They’ll know you’re paying attention to the world they live and work in. And those are the kinds of companies people want to buy from.

In the next blog from DeLaune and Associates, we’ll take a look at how you can be sure you’re using all your marketing materials—existing, new and revised—in the most effective way to reach your customers.

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Renee DeLaune is the President and Founder of DeLaune and Associates. Her insights on marketing in a variety of industries give a unique perspective on today's communication challenges.

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