Communicating during a Crisis

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By Amy Valentine   |   July 16, 2020

Three key markets need to hear from you

As marketers, it’s time to adjust our company’s marketing plans for the world we are in now, not the world we used to live in or the one we wish we were in.

The rules that apply to basic tasks like grocery shopping and dining out don’t apply anymore. So, why would our marketing tactics remain the same?

Communication is the main job of the marketing department under regular circumstances. Learning to communicate during a crisis with sensitivity and adaptability is the new task of marketers these days.

  1. Communicate with employees

Employees need to hear from their companies. They need to hear that the company cares not only about their jobs and the company’s economic future, but about their employees’ well-being.

Marketing departments can set the example of kind and compassionate corporate communications through company emails, internal newsletters and social media campaigns.

In a recent survey of 170 CEO’s of mid-size companies, the welfare of their employees was foremost in their company’s plans. 

One quote from the survey emphasizes this concern: “The people of your organization are very important, and they are experiencing personal problems caused by this pandemic. Let them know you care about their situation.”

The companies that are able to take care of their employees as they navigate working remotely with all its challenges are the companies that will come through this crisis with a strong and loyal employee base.

  1. Communicate with customers

The usual marketing plans to reach your customer base has changed with Covid-19 and your marketing plan needs to be flexible.

Spend some time analyzing how your audience has changed. How do they receive information about your products and services? More people are at home on computers or watching news, so videos and eye-catching animations and gifs are more important than ever.

Consider shifting some of your attention to your social media channels, email campaigns and website. Don’t go for the hard sale. These are hard times economically and emotionally so be sensitive to that.

Brand marketing more than specific product pitches lets your customers know that you are still here to help them if they need you and your services but you need to strike the right tone.

  1. Communicate with the sales team

Marketing and sales often have a prickly relationship in many organizations. Now is the time to step up and realize that all divisions need to support the sales team for a company to succeed in the long run. That makes teamwork more important than ever.

See how the marketing department can best help your company pivot to reach customers in these changing times. Maybe the sales team needs more support in paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, or just in thinking outside the box.

Set the mood for your team

Remember to be compassionate towards people who may have a shorter fuse than normal. We’re all handling stress and pressure both in our personal and business lives.

As one leader from the CEO survey noted, ““You must stay positive, motivated, and calm during a crisis, if for nothing else, to set the mood for your team.”

The team at DeLaune and Associates can offer a listening ear for any communication plans you may have to address your company’s situation. We’d love to hear from you. 


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