Automating your marketing efforts? Keep diversity in mind to exceed expectations.

iBM X Force on desktop 10
By Brian Silverman   |   June 6, 2018

A colleague and I were discussing marketing automation solutions and I commented that without careful implementation automation can make a company’s marketing efforts seem too much like Netflix. Netflix is great at delivering movies and bingeable TV, but it’s not a model that works for everything. Without care, market automation can aim marketing messages too narrowly—they’ll only hit those already inclined toward a given offering. How? If advertisements or tailored search results only reach the most likely prospects,

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Commit to digital blogging and social marketing success in 2018!

By Brian Silverman   |   January 8, 2018

It’s that time of year: Kickoff meetings for 2018 are in full swing, including discussions of how to improve marketing for the year ahead. In today’s digital world, many companies have communications challenges resulting in lackluster product announcements, prospects and clients who don’t understand key product features, and sales teams that feel they don’t have enough fresh information to gain the attention of prospects and clients.

To address these challenges, a digital content game plan that includes blogs,

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Defined Personas: Does your blog target the right personality?

By Brian Silverman   |   October 13, 2017

Continuing our discussion on developing and executing a successful blog strategy, we mentioned that having defined personas is important to both your target audience and your blog writers. A persona is a description of your ideal target prospects and customer(s) for your offerings. In the old days, the idea would be to focus only on target markets and their requirements. However, that definition is too broad and does not include the wide diversity of audiences that can be accessed.

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Content is King: A Successful Blog Strategy is Key to Success in Digital Marketing

By Brian Silverman   |   September 13, 2017

An important strategy in achieving social media marketing success is providing valuable and relevant content. Here at DeLaune & Associates, we specialize in assisting clients in building a foundation of valued content that is on message, on brand and of interest to our clients’ target audiences and personas.

The Wild West age of digital marketing is all about delivering content with increased speed, agility and regularity. The information you share should be engaging while supporting the wide variety of social media,

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Simple tips for successful webinars and presentations

By Brian Silverman   |   July 14, 2016

Lessons learned pre-internet era still apply

By Brian Silverman

In the ‘90s, I had the pleasure of helping create the IBM Internet Briefing Center. I was part of a group of subject matter experts who were hired to become the hosts and presenters for IBM solution presentations at the beginning of the Internet era.

Because the team came from the field, labs, and development centers of IBM, we attended what we fondly called “charm school”

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Has Social Marketing Replaced In-Person Meetings?

By Brian Silverman   |   March 14, 2016

Meet me in Las Vegas!  Can Digital and Social marketing replace in-person meetings and events?

We all live accelerated lives. We are emailing for work, for home, for school. We log onto Facebook and Twitter to share our days. We are so busy with social media that when we hear the digital marketing experts talk about the importance of digital and social marketing, it’s easy to believe that in-person contact is not as important as it used to be.

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What was Old is New Again: Customer Sales and Service Returns Local

By Brian Silverman   |   October 21, 2015


IBM research states that in the next five years buying local will beat online shopping!  Being local will become increasingly important as shoppers demand instant gratification from their purchases. And new technology will bring all the big data that makes online shopping so effective (“you may also be interested in…) to the local store.

I would surmise, however, that the appeal of buying local is not just about the thrill someone gets from buying something you can instantly hold in your hand,

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Word-of-Mouth in Social Media

By Brian Silverman   |   June 23, 2015
Word-of-Mouth in Social Media can be Brutal for a New Business

Take a Few Keys to Success from the TV Networks

by Brian Silverman

Just a few years back, if you were a new retail establishment, — a new bank in town, medical urgent care center or a restaurant, you knew the first step to success was to get your doors open.  A fresh idea, good service, new cuisine: whatever your new business —

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Are you the spider, or are you caught in someone else’s SEO Web?

By Brian Silverman   |   May 18, 2015

Do your partners, vendors, and suppliers provide you marketing assets, content, and recommended posts for Social Media?  If you leverage their content, are you increasing your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, or are you caught in your partner or vendor’s web, doing more to help their SEO than your own?

Your business prospects and customers are researching their own potential purchases across the web and social sites as well. 

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Success in a Constantly Changing Workplace

By Brian Silverman   |   May 4, 2015

As Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM, reinvents the company, IBM Business Partners need a clear marketing plan for success.

Last year, in a New York Times interview, Rometty discusses IBM’s transformation. What worries her about IBM’s new strategy? “Just that we keep moving with speed.” As IBM reinvents itself, how do current or potential IBM Partners increase their success with a company being driven as much by business innovation as by the technology solutions it delivers?

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