Success in a Constantly Changing Workplace

By Brian Silverman   |   May 4, 2015

As Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM, reinvents the company, IBM Business Partners need a clear marketing plan for success.

Last year, in a New York Times interview, Rometty discusses IBM’s transformation. What worries her about IBM’s new strategy? “Just that we keep moving with speed.” As IBM reinvents itself, how do current or potential IBM Partners increase their success with a company being driven as much by business innovation as by the technology solutions it delivers?

Three keys to success in the changing IBM and Business Partner landscape:

  • Understand your unique solution and value: Start with understanding what makes your company stand out from the crowd of other consultants and IBM Partners.  This typically starts with a solution that provides real business value to your customers, as well as the technical leadership companies expect from an IT-focused consulting firm.


  • Align that solution with IBM solutions, technologies and programs:  IBM is evolving from being a technology provider selling offerings (e.g., hardware, software and services) to an increased focus on business-valued solutions such as commerce, analytics, cloud and security.  As an IBM Business Partner, you can enhance your own offerings by aligning with IBM solutions to increase value to your customers. You can also accelerate market awareness for your unique solution by partnering with IBM marketing and sales and leveraging key IBM Partner programs.  This will not only help increase your own success and but grow the value of your IBM partnership.


  • Develop and execute a solution-focused marketing plan with your partners (e.g., IBM): The third step is key:  develop, document and execute a long-term marketing plan that focuses on your unique solution while emphasizing and leveraging your partnership with IBM, distributors, vendors and marketing providers. This will help grow the success of your solution while also growing the value of these partnerships.


IBM’s Rometty talks about the need for constant reinvention to succeed in today’s marketplace. As a rudder guides a boat, keeping your focus on your unique value to your customers helps keep a steady and successful approach for your clients. At the same time, you can gain more from your key partnerships with companies such as IBM.

Brian Silverman

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Brian Silverman is a Senior Marketing Strategist at DeLaune and Associates. His career spans more than 25 years of success and leadership with IBM. IBM partners, and companies in sales, marketing, and product management.

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