Content is King: A Successful Blog Strategy is Key to Success in Digital Marketing

By Brian Silverman   |   September 13, 2017

An important strategy in achieving social media marketing success is providing valuable and relevant content. Here at DeLaune & Associates, we specialize in assisting clients in building a foundation of valued content that is on message, on brand and of interest to our clients’ target audiences and personas.

The Wild West age of digital marketing is all about delivering content with increased speed, agility and regularity. The information you share should be engaging while supporting the wide variety of social media, web and mobile platforms that are available. All too often, however, marketing teams build content tailored to one digital platform. We see such an approach as short-sighted, as it narrows the scope of your marketing reach.

We recommend starting with a broad, clear strategy and timeline for your blog posts while keeping social media and other platforms in mind. Blogs have enduring value—they can be posted, updated and reposted regularly. Consistent delivery of interesting and engaging blog content becomes valuable fodder for your digital and social media marketing teams to leverage across all channels, and it can be delivered via text, videos, graphics and include additional links to key source material.

When developing your blog strategy, here are a few points to consider:

Purpose: Understand the purpose of the blog(s). Are they building awareness, informing or educating your key audiences?

Personas: Define your target audiences and document the personas your blog is targeting. Are your readers in a technical role? A management role? A marketing role? Consider the persona of the writer(s) as well, and how their blogs will resonate with your target personas.

Ownership: Who owns the blog? Who will guide and manage your blog strategy and content? Who will ensure that you are delivering subject matter that is relevant and on schedule?

Variety: Variety entices your audience to return. Information that engages, is enlightening and has various delivery mediums (e.g., video, graphics, and images) magnetizes readers to your posts.

Digital/social: Integrate your social media team with your blog team so everyone can ensure content is tailored for their purposes, can be quickly leveraged, and can be cross-promoted on other digital platforms. As in all digital formats, do not forget SEO and keywords that will help reach new audiences.

The DeLaune team will be writing more about the value of blogs and how to increase the value and relevance of your content in the coming weeks. If you are looking to develop a blog strategy, reach out to me, Brian Silverman, Senior Marketing Strategist, for help at

Brian Silverman

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Brian Silverman is a Senior Marketing Strategist at DeLaune and Associates. His career spans more than 25 years of success and leadership with IBM. IBM partners, and companies in sales, marketing, and product management.

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