Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Marketing Assets

By Jay Bretzmann   |   January 9, 2019

If you’ve ever sold a house or are looking to do so, one of the first things people will tell you is to add a fresh coat of paint—to just about everything. New paint is bright. It covers up dirt and generally forces you to repair a whole bunch of dings, scratches, and other flaws that make a house look older.

The same is true for your marketing assets.

You know—the ones you struggled to produce for that big product or service launch a year ago and haven’t revisited since? The content is probably all still accurate, but maybe it doesn’t format well for mobile consumption, or the graphics need to be updated. One of our specialties is converting traditional marketing assets to digital ones that just pop.

Details are important.

If the job is bigger—like the trim on the backside of my house, say, that’s all peeling due to southern exposure and needs a good scraping—we’ve got a team of people who can read your materials, listen to your messaging, and suggest improvements. It’s rarely easy to write about technology without getting a little bogged down in the details.

And details are important: Things need explaining or relating or exclaiming, but you’ll need to wrap them in statements your legal department will approve, and be sure they include the necessary trademarks and disclaimers.

But ask yourself this: Do your readers get what the product or service really does in the first four minutes, or not? We’ve got people who will provide some honest, external feedback—and then help you fix it!

What’s missing?

And sometimes there’s just something missing, like a shutter or two that fell off in a storm, and there’s nothing there to re-paint. A couple of action-oriented emails or some eye-grabbing social tiles can help you reduce drive-bys by increasing the “curb appeal” of your website.

Extract more value from your marketing assets.

If you’re short-handed and need some help adding digital marketing elements at the top of your lead funnel, we have years of experience developing effective assets to extract more value from your inbound marketing campaign efforts.

The difference between an effective web banner ad and a turkey could be as simple as the image used to catch interest. Many corporate marketing organizations struggle to identify and legally acquire the right images—we do it every day.

Get off to a faster start in 2019; call us today to refresh or revisit your existing marketing assets or build some new ones—stuff that works.

Jay Bretzmann

About the Author

Jay works at DeLaune as a Senior Marketing Strategist. He is a long-time survivor of high-tech marketing, working on both the vendor and supplier side of the equation. Jay's ability to understand technology has helped storage, server, networking and security companies develop strategies and messages for effective communications.

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