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By Renee DeLaune   |   June 23, 2021

In the recent The New York Times, there was a thought-provoking column on the attention-grabbing effects of the internet. Essentially, the article said we should treat our time as a limited resource or, said another way, you should pay attention to where you put your attention.

Since we’re in the business of creating materials to get attention, this started us thinking. If time is precious and our customers are inundated with messages, how do we provide valuable information for the limited time our audiences have? 

This is about communications that are attractive for sure, but that also are so much more. 

It’s about communications that are relevant.   

About insight and information that resonate.

And ultimately, about understanding what value your audience needs from you – and then delivering it.

Paying attention to what others are paying attention to turns out to be a critical step toward getting the most value – for your company and your customers. 

Renee DeLaune

About the Author

Renee DeLaune is the President and Founder of DeLaune and Associates. Her insights on marketing in a variety of industries give a unique perspective on today's communication challenges.

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