How do your digital marketing assets portray your benefits?

By Jay Bretzmann   |   January 15, 2019

As a young writer, the parable of the blind men encountering an elephant made an impression on me. The story is all about how someone without sight would interpret a being they encounter. Divorced a bit from reality by their lack of sight, the blind men had to rely on what they could feel.

First-time visitors to your website

Something similar happens when visitors visit your website for the first time—no matter that they can see and read. They still face gaps. Even if you think your site is straightforward, different expectations and backgrounds can radically change their impression.

Capture your visitors’ attention

Capturing their attention requires that you immediately give them a sense of what you do. Of course, you may provide the latest and fastest solution to a widespread problem—but do you make that point in seconds and offer a call to action to draw customers further in?

At DeLaune, we specialize in helping you develop must-read assets that address the specific pain points your clients perceive.

Get to the heart of the matter

We’d like to help you get to the heart of the matter using tweets, blogs, solution briefs, white papers and anything else you need. What’s important is that we all agree on a set of user-benefit statements that your solutions deliver. Your customers don’t just want to know that you’ve got a flux capacitor—they want to know how that benefits them. Our team has heard hundreds of technology solution pitches and we know a pony when we see (or hear) it.

Build out your digital marketing

Beyond the development of a killer, benefit-driven interactive asset that formats correctly regardless of endpoint device, we’re here to help you build out your total digital marketing inbound campaign. If you need bandwidth on the front-end, we’ll help you craft emails that will drive traffic to your website.

If you need a few blogs to further develop that interest, we’ll help your executives write the things they know they want to say. Got the budget for advertising? Unleash our creative team on developing web banners and social media tiles that will intrigue buyers who identify with the pain points you’ve identified.

The endgame?

We help you generate the leads your sales team requires. No one will say that marketing adds nothing when your messages are focused and properly placed. The digital marketing assets you produce will advance the sale. Whatever gaps you need to overcome, people who understand your products’ clearly-stated benefits will be interested in your offerings.

Flood your team with more opportunities than they can handle—and you’re the hero.

DeLaune and Associates gets technology marketing. We’re always ready to partner with technology leaders to craft digital marketing assets. Click here to get started!

Jay Bretzmann

About the Author

Jay works at DeLaune as a Senior Marketing Strategist. He is a long-time survivor of high-tech marketing, working on both the vendor and supplier side of the equation. Jay's ability to understand technology has helped storage, server, networking and security companies develop strategies and messages for effective communications.

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