Five ways to kick-start your business in 2015

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By Debbi Smith Rourke   |   January 7, 2015

As we enter the new year, you might consider applying the traditional New Year’s resolution process to your business, as setting intelligent goals can have powerful effects.

Being our best selves for the world, including the world of commerce, is a notion ripe with opportunity and anticipation. So as millions set their 2015 personal goals and work to manifest their desires, try using the inspiring “intentioning” approach to take your business to new heights. Why not plan for x% growth in the next two quarters, or decide to seek out innovative ways of operating that could be more efficient or create a more pleasing work environment? Get creative and plan for what you want to see.

Here are a few suggestions for helping bring new triumphs to your 2015:

Five ways to kick-start your vision of success:

*  Establish a new business goal for the year that you consider a stretch, then seek ways to achieve it. It could be working two more hours a week or, conversely, taking a walk over lunch to clear your mind and make you more free thinking.

*  Set up a brainstorming session for staff members to contribute ideas to enhance business processes. Beyond discovering great ideas, this also helps staff feel included and valued.

*  Plan a “Rose / Thorn / Bud” exercise, allowing clients or staff to explore ways to enhance a strategy, improve a product or increase revenue. It’s simple—using pink, blue and green to represent roses, thorns and buds, identify processes that are working (rose), need improvement (thorn), or present opportunities (bud). Write them down on corresponding colors of sticky notes, post on a white board and see quickly where you can make improvements.

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*  Discover the top ten business trends expected to drive success in 2015. This Forbes blog is packed full of ideas to jump-start innovation.

*  Explore how the top 2015 marketing trends, according to Forbes, align with your business strategy and what opportunities emerge. If you need any assistance with your content marketing—a huge opportunity in 2015—the folks at DeLaune and Associates are here, eager to help.

One of my intentions this year is to help DeLaune explore innovative practices and new approaches to designing and delivering our marketing assets. We had our first brainstorming session this morning and it was exhilarating. And more are scheduled. Yes!

To learn more about the “intentioning” process and why many consider it so powerful, check out The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He proposes it’s all about allowing the good stuff to simply flow to us. Or read about the “Law of Attraction” (the belief that like attracts like and that positive thoughts can manifest positive outcomes).

The circle of inspiration is powerful, so let us know about how you intend to improve your world—whether through personal introspection, time to let new ideas flow, or specific business goals. Leave a comment below about your 2015 intentions. Remember, you have to have a vision to be a visionary.

Here’s wishing you abundant success, fulfillment and joy in 2015.


by Debbi Smith Rourke

Debbi Smith Rourke

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