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By Jay Bretzmann   |   January 25, 2019

Have you ever gotten past a website login error, or been able to establish a new online account, only after getting a security code delivered to you via text to your phone?

Late last year, TechCrunch reported on a security oversight that illustrates the danger of sending passwords or passcodes over SMS: The message itself may have been exposed to attackers, as it was when at least 26 million authentication text messages were left unprotected by password or encryption on a server at California communications provider Voxox.

The company pulled the database of messages when security researcher Sébastien Kaul alerted them to it, but who knows how many times the data had already been compromised? You’ve probably seen the same alarming story play out at banks, insurance companies and healthcare providers.

Sharing the good news

When IBM wanted to explain to business decision makers how to avoid this kind of breach, they had exactly the kind of products that digital marketing assets are made to showcase. IBM solutions incorporating multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobile multi-factor authentication (MMFA) rely on user traits and other factors to achieve authentication far more secure than sending a password to a user’s phone.

And to deliver that message, they worked with DeLaune & Associates to explain the benefits those solutions bring to customers. (Click below to read more on the IBM approach to MFA.)

Stepping into users’ headspace

DeLaune has been helping clients large and small connect with their customers since 1981. For every project, we ask ourselves the question: “What do the potential customers need, and what do they need to know?” Sometimes they need to know about a threat to their business; sometimes they need to transform an aspect of their business, and sometimes they need to know that the state of the art has shifted.

You know your products inside and out. But effective IT marketing takes more than that—in all your digital marketing assets, it calls for empathy for your intended audience and the right tone. We specialize in both. Let’s collaborate.

DeLaune and Associates gets technology marketing and communications. We’re always ready to help your digital marketing assets be crisp and readable. Click here to get started.

Jay Bretzmann

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Jay works at DeLaune as a Senior Marketing Strategist. He is a long-time survivor of high-tech marketing, working on both the vendor and supplier side of the equation. Jay's ability to understand technology has helped storage, server, networking and security companies develop strategies and messages for effective communications.

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