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By Renee DeLaune   |   January 14, 2014

Every advertisement or marketing program tells a story. That, we all know. But what we see behind the scenes at DeLaune and Associates is that every advertisement or marketing program also is a story. There’s a reason why each exists—from individual customer needs to broad industry trends.

Those behind-the-scenes stories are the ones we’ll be telling in our agency blog. We’ll keep you updated on interesting projects we’ve produced, trends in communications and advertising we see, and campaigns or ads that that we consider particularly effective (or not).

So whether you’re new to the agency or a seasoned client, stay tuned. This is the place to hear stories of all kinds—funny, insightful, helpful—from some of the most talented people in the adverting industry.

Renee DeLaune

About the Author

Renee DeLaune is the President and Founder of DeLaune and Associates. Her insights on marketing in a variety of industries give a unique perspective on today's communication challenges.

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