When Ads Become Art

By Sara Rider   |   April 15, 2015

Once merely reviled as unnecessary clutter, outdoor advertising has evolved in the last decade.  While interstate highways can still boast their share of truck stop billboards, increasingly outdoor advertising has become bold and dramatic and inventive in urban markets.  While Austin doesn’t boast giant intercity billboards—and may be a little behind the curve on dramatic designs used to wrap buses—cities like New York take outdoor to a new level.

Zara, larger than life ad by Natan Dvir

photography by Natan Dvir

photography by Natan Dvir

photography by Natan Dvir

A current exhibit in New York City, featuring larger than life ads by photographer Natan Dvir, captures some dramatic photos of outdoor ads, and the unintentional interplay that can occur between city dwellers and ads in the urban landscape.  Take a look—and rethink how to make that next outdoor campaign even more memorable!

by Sara Rider

Sara Rider

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Sara Rider, Vice President at DeLaune & Associates, has written extensively for the healthcare, financial, non-profit, and technology industries for more than 30 years.

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