Listen Up: 100 Podcasts to Check Out (Beyond Serial)

By Allison Mabry   |   March 10, 2016

Podcasts have been around for many years, but they never really seemed to be for me. The format seemed tailor-made for road warriors or long-distance runners (of which I am neither). Then, there came Serial. You may have heard of it?

In late 2014, all over social media, my friends and acquaintances were consumed by the “did he or didn’t he?” questions of the murder case at the heart of Season 1 of Serial. According to the New Yorker, Serial had the irresistible appeal of a single story that unfolded over a series of episodes.

It combined the drama of TV-style episodic storytelling, the portability of podcasts, and the reliability of the public radio classic “This American Life.”

More Bearable Commute with Podcasts

Then I stumbled onto the chance to see Serial producer/co-creator Sarah Koenig speaking in Austin last summer (my friend had an extra ticket). It was fascinating to hear the real stories behind the “binge-worthy” podcast. Around the same time, I had another “a-ha” moment. Perhaps my 50-minute commute could be made a little more bearable with the help of podcasts?

Turns out, podcasts can turn the most annoying commute into an enjoyable experience. And you can even learn something worthwhile too! (Many podcasts only update on a weekly basis, so you’ll probably want to keep up with a few—even after exploring their archives.)

Inc. put together a list of 100 podcasts that will make you smarter, better and wiser at business and at life. Here at DeLaune, we found several of our favorites on the list. From TED Talks to startup stories to the Accidental Creative, check out the list to find a few podcasts to add to your mix.


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