Startup Kit

Strategic Messaging Workshop

The Strategic Messaging Workshop brings the company’s leadership together to brainstorm, review, and refine the company’s overarching positioning that then becomes the foundation for internal and external audiences.

Do you have a compelling story and persuasive message explaining why your organization exists and what it delivers? Have your key stakeholders met to define and refine your startup?

  • Half-day or full-day workshop as needed
  • Build your messaging and positioning to illustrate your value to the marketplace, across all channels
  • Deliverables: Positioning statement, tagline, creation of boilerplate, keywords, and summary of the workshop discussion (short distillation of your company’s purpose, passion, product, and people).

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Monthly Retainer: Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution or a la carte Offerings

Don’t go it alone: We can help on a monthly retainer basis or as an asset-on-demand as needed.

  • For one flat fee, we can help you prioritize and execute your highest-value marketing assets and actions.
  • Retainer includes one-on-one consulting and 20 – 40 hours per month of dedicated content strategy and asset creation.
  • Or, asset creation and strategy on an a la carte basis–pick and choose what your company needs to tell your story in an effective and impactful way.

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Pitch Deck Powerpoints

Follow your messaging with your pitch deck: Are you prepared to pitch your solution to prospects and investors?

  • Eight-slide C-suite oriented PowerPoint deck that highlights your company’s message for prospects, clients, and investors.
  • Two-page streamlined PowerPoint (elevator pitch version)

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Build or review your website: Does your website reflect your story, tone, and targeted personas?

  • Creation of site map
  • Eight-page website creation based on site map, including both copy and design elements, or
  • Review of existing website with recommendations for SEO optimization

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