Are you ready to protect your organization from a security threat?

Security breaches and attacks don't just impact your business, cost money, and disrupt operations—they can also deal a blow to your reputation and brand image in your marketplace.

Is your institution secured and ready for a potential threat?

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Security platform readiness

To keep your customers engaged when they’re doing business online, maintaining performance and uptime is essential, especially when you’re facing a security threat. Traditional financial service website defenses can be overwhelmed by the volume and sophistication of network- and application-level attacks. DDoS and web application attacks saw year-over-year increases in 2017, up 14% and 10% respectively.1

Do you know how your organization detects and mitigates DDoS and web application threats?

Have you established a security platform that can respond to large volumetric attacks, such as DDoS, while maintaining or improving performance?

Are your security staff and platform readily able to incorporate the latest intelligence on new and emerging security threats?

Web application security

Web applications fuel digital innovation in finance, but they are the target of many cyber threats such as SQL injection, credential-stuffing bots, and DDoS attacks. An unpatched web application vulnerability caused the most notable publicly disclosed security breach in financial services in 2017.2 How prepared is your institution to protect web applications?

Do you protect your critical Internet applications with a web application firewall (WAF)?

If yes, most organizations utilize appliance-based WAF solutions. Has your organization considered the potential benefits of cloud-based WAFs?

Do you have visibility into new security threats, and are you able to provide timely updates to your WAF rules?

Risk Exposure

Has your company investigated the risk to your institution from a security threat? Have you considered the financial impact, your brand image, and compliance? Financial services firms face the highest cost of cybercrime, at more than $18 million annually.3

Have you assessed which areas within your organization are most vulnerable to a security threat, such as web applications, critical services like DNS, and major supporting infrastructure?

Do you know the costs that your organization would incur if you experienced a security breach?

Do you have resources with the necessary skills to protect your business and respond to security threats?

You’ll get a personalized security assessment and find out if you qualify for a free trial of Web Application Protector!