Five Tips for Creating a Successful Infographic

By Barbara Goutelon   |   January 20, 2016

Infographics are a great way to add a visual “bang” to your marketing message—because they turn complex data and statistics into a more compelling, memorable format.

But did you know there’s actual science behind why your brain craves infographics? Studies show that it takes you less than 1/10 of a second to understand a visual scene and that color visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%. To really prove the point,

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What We Can Learn from the Best—and the Worst—of 2015’s Ads

By Sara Rider   |   January 13, 2016

The U.S. ad business is a $183 billion business, according to The Wall Street Journal.  And each year, companies and nonprofit organizations spend a lot of time and effort to try to convince us to buy their products or support their causes.  But while social media has given companies new ways to spread their messages, new ad-blocking technologies mean it can be harder to have your message seen.  So what can we learn from the best—and the worst—of 2015’s advertising efforts?

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A Brighter Future for Texas

By Sara Rider   |   December 29, 2015

by Sara Rider

New Strategic Plan Sets Educational Goals Crucial to State’s Success

As the year draws to a close, it’s not uncommon to look back at projects you’ve worked on, and also look ahead to see what the impact of those projects may be next year.

In the summer of 2015, we had the opportunity to work with The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as they prepared to bring their new strategic plan to the people of Texas.  The new plan,

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Doritos — Crash the Superbowl Ad

By Amy Valentine   |   November 23, 2015

One of our DeLaune staffer’s grandsons is a star! One of the homemade commercials for Doritos that play at the Superbowl might feature our accountant’s grandson, if the ad gets enough votes. While official voting doesn’t begin until January, you can preview the ads and rate them with stars. We’re sure you’ll give “Crush,” five stars.


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Refresher on Basic Rules of Capitalization

By Amy Valentine   |   November 19, 2015

Has the use of social media driven the basic rules of capitalization out of everyone’s head?  The casual style that is the hallmark of Facebook posts, Tweets, and email conversations means some of us have forgotten when it is appropriate to capitalize words. While I like to complain that the lost art of basic grammar skills is the fault of the under-25 crowd, egregious errors pop up in everyday business communications among the older generations more often than we would all like.

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Daylight Saving Time…

By Amy Valentine   |   October 30, 2015
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Your Company Just Got Caught Cheating. Now What Do You Do

By Sara Rider   |   October 28, 2015

Now here’s a job I wouldn’t want:  President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.  That’s Michael Horn’s job.  And I’m sure at one time it was pretty great.  But now Mr. Horn has to try and explain to Americans who own four different types of Volkswagen diesels why those cars were equipped with “defeat devices.”  The defeat devices made the cars pass emissions testing, but in reality the cars spewed nitrogen oxide into the air every time their drivers got behind the wheel.

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What was Old is New Again: Customer Sales and Service Returns Local

By Brian Silverman   |   October 21, 2015


IBM research states that in the next five years buying local will beat online shopping!  Being local will become increasingly important as shoppers demand instant gratification from their purchases. And new technology will bring all the big data that makes online shopping so effective (“you may also be interested in…) to the local store.

I would surmise, however, that the appeal of buying local is not just about the thrill someone gets from buying something you can instantly hold in your hand,

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Writing Lessons

By Amy Valentine   |   October 13, 2015

As writers and marketers, we spend a lot of time at DeLaune and Associates thinking about the best ways to tell our clients’ stories. I was fascinated to read one writer’s story about teaching people who aren’t professional writers how to find their voices and express themselves. As in many experiences where you are leading others, it’s often the teacher who winds up learning as much as or more than the students.

Kimberly Burge went to South Africa in 2010 to lead a writing workshop for girls who are the first generation to be born without apartheid,

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Standing out in the world of social media

By Sara Rider   |   October 6, 2015

Want to grow your Facebook friends without having to pay to boost your posts?  Here is an example that could help nonprofits to get more likes and raise their visibility.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Eastern Virginia Medical School.  It’s a small medical school in Norfolk, Virginia.  It enrolls about 1,000 students and is not affiliated with any undergraduate university.  So I was a little surprised when I saw that they had just won an award for Best Digital PR Campaign in 2015.  They did it by creating homemade videos,

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